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"It had long flowing hair, just hanging like string,

Full of eggshells, and peelings and all sorts of things.

It had tiny ears, too, like old cauliflower,

And it seemed very proud of its composty tower."

         Charlie Snufflesnout


Imagine Buddy's surprise to discover a monster living in his compost bin! With the little boy's love and care Charlie Snufflesnout grows and grows, becoming so big Buddy can barely keep on the lid! Looking after Charlie isn't an easy job and Buddy has to learn fast about which leftovers make the compost monster happy or grumpy. Buddy finds a great friend in Charlie Snufflesnout and has lots of fun whilst learning about taking care of the environment.

Charlie Snufflesnout advocates the importance of looking after our environment in a fun, light hearted way, allowing children to learn about composting and recycling with a warm, loveable character.

"Protect our earth today for our children's tomorrow"

Illustrated by Richard Saunders

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"a charming, beautifully produced book with a very important message"-


Alan Titchmarsh