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Here at Snufflesnout House we produce children's picture books with an ecological and psychological message, written in fun, flowing, easy to follow rhyme. The stories are thought provoking and encourage the developing minds of the little reader to ask questions and encourage thoughtful conversation. Whether it's meeting Charlie Snufflesnout, the monster that lives in the compost bin and eats all our leftover vegetables, Bertie the Brave and his battles with The Toilet Monster, learning about The Smile Revolution and the healing power of kindness or hearing the adventures of Slod the Barbarian and his painful teeth; these books will be well-loved by both little readers and adults alike for years to come!


At Snufflesnout House we self-publish and all of our books are Print On Demand to avoid waste and reduce our carbon footprint. As such, they may take a couple of days to arrive from the supplier but we feel it is worth the wait. We hope you understand!


Let's work together to make a healthier, happier planet for our children!

©Snufflesnout House Publishing

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