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Wight Wicks

For the last couple of years we have been quietly making our own soy based candles to burn at home. There's no feeling quite like lighting a candle that you have made for yourself and smelling the amazing scents that fill your home! We didn't ever think of turning it into a business until recently when we decided to get a load of pretty teacups and turn them into candles! All our handmade Wight Wicks candles have cedar wood wicks that crackle beautifully when lit, and are all made with mainly soy wax. Our scents are all named after our favourite places on the Isle of Wight, hence Luccombe Lime and Ventnor Vanilla, Carisbrooke Creme Brulee etc.


Not only do we get to work together more, our house smells absolutely incredible! The candles are available to buy on the Isle of wight from Luchelle Boutique in Ventnor, although more outlets across the island will be coming soon and we are looking into shipping possibilities.


For more information please head across to www.wightwicks.com




Cat xx

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